TikTunes Puts Tik Tok Influencers on the Map and Guides Their Content Creation Towards Proper Monetization

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2020 / Tik Tok has become all the rage recently, with the influx of users that are creating content on the app, audiences from all over the world are joining in on the latest craze. Due to the massive hype that Tik Tok has generated, a new brand of influencers with a wide audience has inevitably risen from the crop. However, most of these influencers do not have the means to monetize their brands.

Salvatore DiBenedetto knows all of this and sees so much untapped potential within the Tik Tok sphere. Salvatore was one of the first people to reach 1 million followers on Instagram when the platform launched. This was all due in part to his fluency with digital platforms and social media algorithms. With his social media prowess, he eventually started his own company called TikTunes, a talent agency that connects record labels, brands, mobile apps, and surveys with Tik Tok influencers.

TikTunes prides itself on being one of the only agencies that do not require any contracts to be signed. They know that influencers would rather be independent and not be stuck with a single agency, and TikTunes respects that. Influencers are free to work with TikTunes any time for as long as they see fit.

TikTunes itself is completely run by influencers, which means they understand influencers’ specific needs. They created the industry, and they’re running the industry, TikTunes puts the best interests of influencers at heart. Influencers from anywhere can fully put their trust on TikTunes as they help them not get ripped off and utilize their influence towards monetization. A partnership with TikTunes means introducing your endorsements and promotions to a massive network guaranteeing unparalleled exposure.

TikTunes has had over 3,000 Tik Tok creator submissions in the past month with a cumulative following of over 1 billion followers. They create their own media pages and leverage them in order to boos Tik Tok creators on other platforms aside from Tik Tok, allowing content creators to cast an even wider net and capture an even wider audience.

Companies that require influencer marketing are also part of TikTunes’ clientele. They can approach Tik Tunes to connect them with Tik Tok influencers for direct brand collaborations. Record Labels have approached TikTunes to utilize their pool of talent for music promotions as well. TikTunes offers a variety of products and services for influencers to promote, all the while offering creators free consulting and support on how to handle interest from other brands, agencies & companies.

With all the success that TikTunes has achieved, they are ramping up to launch a mobile app that will allow content creators to easily access brand deals, record labels, and surveys straight from the very phones that they use to record their content. The app also allows creators to seamlessly communicate back and forth with their talent manager and answer any questions they may have.

TikTunes is creating a brand-new generation of entrepreneurs that are utilizing the digital space to create content that reaches out to their spheres of influence. Connecting Tik Tok influencers to companies that require their promotions, TikTunes is creating an ecosystem of mutual benefit and succeeding in every step of the way.

To get to know more about Tiktunes and what they do, you can give them a call on +1 815 575 5565 or send them an email at hello@tiktunes.com.

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